Call for Proposals

The Independents’ Group (IG) will select research fellows and projects through a coordinated annual Call for Proposals. Candidates are asked submit a project proposal and work plan, responding to the themes, topics and collaborations offered by the Group. Projects will run once a year, with a duration of 4 to 6 months.

Prospective research fellows are young architects with work experience and demonstrated interest and success in experimental work. The fellows will have the opportunity to develop research projects and experimental prototypes for public presentation, exhibition and publication in collaboration with consultants and manufacturing partners under the guidance of the IG team.

An annual meeting will be held to bring together all Independents’ Group academic partners, consultants and manufacturers, and research fellows who have recently completed projects. The meetings include a public conference to disseminate the work of the programme, and an internal Independents’ Group conference.

As the programme develops the IG will aim to produce group publications and high profile exhibitions to disseminate results to the widest possible audience.

To apply:
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Deadline for applications extended to July 5th!



Fellowship Outline

IG Fellowships are non-resident research positions lasting six months. At the core of the research programme are design-led projects. Through a competitive application process, the IG will select Fellows to lead these projects, and work with trans-disciplinary experts to design and develop innovative prototypes for the built environment. Fellows are emerging architects with a maximum

Research Agenda: Technological Abundance

As our worlds become increasingly saturated with digital applications, devices and media, an apparent disjunction has appeared between the availability of technologies and their application in addressing increasing pressures caused by limited economies, resources and space. An emerging generation of architects and designers are beginning to explore many new available technologies for their impact on

AA Call for Proposals:

TRANS(FORM) The future development of many European metropolitan areas is constrained by their own history and legacy of built fabric. Though existing built environments often contribute positively to local economies, cultures and social quality of life, upgrading them can present a significant challenge so that they better address growing social, environmental, and economic pressures. Just

RMIT Call for Proposals:

  RAPID(FORM) Prefabrication, the transportation and on-site erection of lightweight structures in remote locations is synonymous with Australian design history. With a huge land-mass and dispersed population, this problem has been addressed by a number of generations. In the 21st century, this challenge has new impetus with the rapid creation of new communities and expansion

Submission Requirements

Candidates for the 2012-2013 Research Fellowships are required to submit a Research Proposal according to the guidelines set out by the Independents’ Group. There are several positions available at IG network research nodes. Candidates must specify with which host institution to which the project is targeted and define a proposal in response to specific local